At DORNBACH, we create futures.

DORNBACH as an employer

We see ourselves as a creator of futures. For our clients, but also for our employees. Because all of them, each in their fields and with their individual abilities and independent actions, create the basis for DORNBACH’s future.


Development opportunities

At DORNBACH, all paths are open for your career. Whether you apply as a pupil or a student right at the beginning of your career and aiming to gain further skills, or whether you already have some experience. We also offer individual development opportunities for graduates, young professionals and of course also for experienced professionals at DORNBACH.
Thanks to our constant rate of growth, we are able to offer you excellent development opportunities; both across Germany and within our international network. This applies to all fields and areas of work within our company.

Team spirit

Young talent and experienced experts from a wide variety of fields work together in teams. With mutual trust, the utmost respect and the joint desire to advance our clients’ cases.
At DORNBACH, there is a real sense of unity, which is realised in intensive cooperation, collaboration between colleagues and partnerships both between fields and between locations. In an atmosphere which lets you master challenges.



As creators of success, our clients’ success is naturally our work’s primary objective. But we also always have an eye on becoming more successful ourselves with what we do. Part of this is individually supporting both young talent and young professionals, as well as those who are already established and experienced.
From a personal apprenticeship mentor and individual training programmes in the DORNBACH
Academy to training on the job and overseas assignments with our partners – support the DORNBACH way has many facets.


At DORNBACH, prospects are not just on paper, but are realised. From independent working and continual professional development to international tasks and partnerships – here, you can benefit from a diverse range of opportunities.

Work-life balance

For professional success, we at DORNBACH give everything. But you need never miss out on a private life. Here, you can combine both – career and family, job and free time. We are firmly convinced that we can only find the best solutions for our clients when our employees are thriving.
Naturally, at DORNBACH there are also “critical phases” when the pressure is on. But our focus is always on combining the enjoyment of work with private lives, however they may look. With a view to this, for example, we offer a variety of part-time arrangements.