At DORNBACH, we create clarity

At DORNBACH, we create clarity.

Answers to your questions

We want to answer all your questions and clear up any queries. Here, you can find complete answers to the most frequently asked questions about starting employment at DORNBACH.

Students and pupils

What entry opportunities are there at DORNBACH after my Degree?

There are opportunities to begin your career with us in every area via master’s degree courses or as a direct entrant.

What degree courses are preferred?

For a successful start at DORNBACH, it is advantageous to hold a completed degree in the economic sciences, law or a similar subject. Studies focussing on auditing, accounting, finance, controlling, banking, taxation or tax law are also important to us.
To find a vacancy which matches your degree subject, you can use the DORNBACH Vacancies Portal.

Can I study for a master’s degree while working at DORNBACH?

For holders of bachelor’s degrees, we offer a variety of master’s programmes – for example, in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Worms. Here, you can gather specific expertise while gaining practical experience. As an innovative auditing and tax consulting firm, DORNBACH offers a comprehensive apprenticeship in the field of fiscal law and encourages interaction between theory and practice.
For those who wish to optimally combine work and studies, DORNBACH also offers the opportunity to study a master’s degree alongside your employment.

Can I write my bachelor’s/master’s/doctoral thesis in your company?

As we regulary arrange supervision of theses within internships, we only rarely look outside our poor of interns for students writing their final theses.

From which semester onwards can I apply for an internship or working student position?

In principle, an internship at DORNBACH is possible at any time. However, since you will gain much more benefit from an internship when you have a certain level of basic knowledge, you should be in at least your third semester of study. It is also sensible to plan to spend more than eight weeks working with us as an intern.

Is there a minimum length for internships or working student positions?

We aim to impart as much knowledge as possible to our interns during their time at DORNBACH. This requires a certain minimum amount of time: for student interns this is at least eight weeks, with a maximum length of six months. Working student positions are only available with a duration of at least six months.
Are you interested? Then take a look at our list of vacancies.

How can I apply for an internship as a pupil/A-level student?

At DORNBACH, pupil internships are possible, with durations between two weeks and three months. Additionally, we work with a variety of schools to offer long-term internships. Here, you have the opportunity to get a taste of working life on different days of the week over the course of a whole year, allowing you to visualise working life and your career aspirations.

Does DORNBACH offer voluntary internships lasting more than three months?

Alongside mandatory internships, we also offer the opportunity to undertake voluntary internships. We individually check possible fields of applications within internships – we would be happy to receive your speculative application.

What can I expect during the selection procedure for a place on the apprenticeship programme?

As an apprenticeship is extremely important for a young person’s development, we place great value on our selection procedure. First, we get to know you during a personal interview. For us, a significant factor is whether you fit into our team and whether the apprenticeship would be a valuable time for you. At DORNBACH, our selection procedure does not consist of superficial tests, and we do not expect you to solve problems perfectly right away. You come to us to learn, and not to show that you can already do everything perfectly.

What opportunities are there for me after my apprenticeship?

As DORNBACH is a company which is constantly growing, we are also continually training young talent. After successfully completing your vocational training, we are happy to retain our trainees and offer you a variety of professional and personal development opportunities with further qualifications.
Not only apprenticeships but also internships or working student positions increase your chances of becoming part of our company in the future.

What tasks do interns carry out?

At DORNBACH, interns definitely do not just make coffee. Quite the opposite: from the outset, you work on an equal footing with graduates. In a team, you will be collecting data, carrying out analyses, preparing presentations and gaining an insight into the diverse tasks of a tax advisor or auditor.


Can I apply speculatively?

Speculative applications are always of interest to us. To ensure a smooth process, please apply via our application portal.
Before making a speculative application, please check our general vacancies list for a position as a direct entrant, an intern or a working student. If you have further questions, you can contact our HR team on 0261-94 31-0 from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.

When is the right time to apply?

Ideally, you should apply six to ten months before your desired start date. This allows us to ensure that the application process runs smoothly – even if you need to provide missing certificates at a later date.

How can I withdraw my application, if I have changed my mind?

You can withdraw your application at any time. Simply send a short message to

Is there a contact person or recipient address I should include in my application?

Please apply centrally to our recruiting team and use a neutral form of address. To ensure your application is processed as quickly as possible, please use our online application portal.

What documents do I need for my online application?

In a covering letter, you should explain your motivation for wanting to work at DORNBACH and why you are the right person for this position. As a “personal business card”, please also attach your detailed CV, including your previous positions and experience. Copies of job references and academic certificates should be included to verify your achievements.

How can I apply?

Use our career portal to search for vacancies matching your experience and qualifications. Clicking on the “Apply” button will start your application, leading you through the application process step by step. During this process, you can store basic information or more detailed information in addition to your profile.
You are allocated 5MB for your application and can upload attachments in all standard formats, including .pdf, .doc, .jpg and .xls, among others. Tip: If the available space is not enough, combine several documents into one file or into a PDF.

How can I ask for my data to be deleted immediately?

Please send us a short message to

Why should I submit my documents digitally?

Documents sent online speed up the application process and save both you and us time and costs. Furthermore, at DORNBACH we emphasise sustainability and forego the use of paper to a large extent.


Do I need particular qualifications to work at DORNBACH?

It depends on the location and position you are interested in. You can find further information on each career and the necessary qualifications in our Vacancies List.

How can I continue my professional development?

Continual support and encouragement in your career – as an employer, this is what we aim to offer. With a view to your personal strengths, we support you to further strengthen and develop your professional and personal skills. At DORNBACH, the basis of successful professional development is the right mix of experience, intensive educational content and targeted coaching. Young professionals, in particular, benefit from the opportunity to continually extend their knowledge in the DORNBACH Academy.

What form do training courses at DORNBACH take?

Our broad development spectrum consists of individual training programmes, e-learning and management training courses, as well as regular seminars on current developments in the field of taxation. Through on-the-job coaching, you also gain valuable experience for your professional future.

Do you offer opportunities to work abroad?

As a member of the GMN International network and through our cooperative agreement with ShineWing International, we offer the opportunity for short foreign assignments, as well as the chance to gain experience abroad over a longer period of time. Of course, this depends on the qualifications required in each country, as well as on labour legislation, work permits and any visa requirements there may be.

How much influence do I have on my career development?

For the most part, you decide which path you want to take at DORNBACH. After all, you are the one responsible for your dedication and career development. To help you reach your goals, at DORNBACH you will find flat hierarchies and the opportunity to work as an equal in an environment focused on teamwork and performance. The best conditions for successful career development.

Working at DORNBACH

Which department is the best match for me?

To help you find the right department for you, you should orient your search precisely to reflect your field of interest and specialisation. Our homepage and social media channels include a variety of information on our range of careers – have a look around and find out where your strengths and weaknesses lie by talking to other people in your life.

What does a typical working week look like at DORNBACH?

Thanks to the diversity of our clients and sectors, working at DORNBACH involves varied and fascinating tasks. In phases with higher workloads, it is important to be able to operate flexibly – although this is always in coordination with your team and supervisors. This allows you to always know exactly what is expected of you and how to manage your time accordingly.

What is the dress code at DORNBACH?

As a customer-oriented company we adapt our dress code to our clients. Usually this is the "business look". In many offices, the "casual look" applies to training sessions and Fridays without client appointments.